Bespoke Property Searches

Sign – Search and Sip Champagne!

Conscious that looking for a new property can be an emotive experience, often very time consuming and littered with technical hurdles we provide a property find service which seeks to work on your behalf (rather than that of the vendor) to find you your dream home.

Whether you’re moving area, downsizing or looking to take the next step on the property ladder, looking to buy a rental property or investment, looking for a property to retire to in the South Hams, we are here to help.

At the outset, we take a detailed brief of your requirements and preferences then set about to work proactively to find suitable properties from both those that are being openly marketed as well as those being discretely marketed with other agents which aren’t visible to the general public. After initial research and screening out properties which are unsuitable, so that your own time isn’t wasted by reviewing or viewing properties which would not work for you, we present you with the best suited properties. We are happy to accompany you, or carry our initial viewings on your behalf, to the most suitable properties advising on each property from an unbiased independent viewpoint as well as providing a valuable role in negotiating a price through our experience of market conditions.

Having a trusted relationship with other local agents means through regular conversations we are given prior knowledge of properties they are bringing to the market as well as those which they are bringing on discretely. These conversations ensure that vendors are aware of our client’s seriousness to commit, positioning you ahead of other competition whilst retaining complete discretion and anonymity. As well as local agents, being locally based, we have a wealth of private contacts which alongside our extensive local knowledge of specific areas serves to save you time and resources enabling us to stay ‘one step ahead’ in a competitive environment where time costs.

The main advantages of instructing a property finding service to act on your behalf are centred around our expertise and trust whilst being able to offer wholly impartial advice. This means we can save you time on potentially wasted journeys and the prior knowledge we can gain for you in order to keep you ahead of the game is invaluable in a region where demand for property is exceptionally high.

If you think our bespoke, property find service would help you please do get in touch with our expert, Nikki Povey, so that we can talk through your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and start the journey to finding you your dream home without delay.

Covid-19We remain busy and open for business, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or queries.Read more.